Sunday, 1 March 2015


The concept of pouring out my continuing process on self development has been gnawing at me for quite some time and I have been fairly successful in suppressing this urge by burying it further to the back of my mind. Particularly because I didn't think that I was ready/prepared enough to share my ideas and I kept waiting for that "perfect moment" to arrive. A self created barrier drenched in fear.

Well, this "perfect" moment still has yet to grace my presence! But the ideas are not disappearing - in fact they are multiplying and I find that I am taking moments aside to jot down thoughts - in particular, all encompassing words that speak volumes to me. So a platform needed to be established.

I am treating this post as a starting point. An elusive introduction of what's to come. I didn't want to create a "welcome/introduction" post because I am uncertain to what I am going to be welcoming. Under this umbrella I want to celebrate what I love. I want to create a useful space of inspiration and self-wisdom to promote positive self-worth and confidence in others as I have found, and am still finding, in myself.